Quebracho Steakhouse e Mixology

Year: 2021 Place: Pescara

Right in the center of Pescara a Bistrot – Restaurant characterized by warm and elegant tones but above all by a strong character and personality. According to the needs everything started with a careful study of the spaces and environments by designing every single detail: furniture, dividerss, tables, chairs, shelves, sinks, faucets, vases, each object was designed specifically for this project.

Three different areas, each dedicated to different service divided by glass closures.

The first part, Bistrot – Cocktail Bar, is characterized by a very articulated central structure which recalls Art Nouveau, made of welded and curved iron designed by this studio. The structure encloses the Cocktail stations, the cafeteria and preparation area. The structure is also equipped with a snack shelf that also allows you to eat in a comfortable and fast way. It comes down to a structure that dominates the surrounding space wrapped and enriched by strong materials, striped wood, marble, iron, plants … all accompanied by lighting of strong scenic impact carefully chosen by this studio.

The second environment is the restaurant room, which is accessed through a large glass door; the room is directly connected with the preparation area, completely exposed and separated from the restaurant by an elegant divisor (the curved glass panes made specifically for the project are impactful). The black decorated cement tiles floor is interrupted to give space to an important and precious walnut wood floor, hence a more elegant character with dark boiserie and circular velvet sofas that wrap large round tables, marked by large iron chandeliers that dominate the whole. To embellish the room there is an important air-conditioned wine cellar in glass and wood, entirely designed by this studio.

The third room is the Privé, designed for those who want more privacy, private parties or business meetings (the room has been equipped with a video projector as well as an important sound system). The Privé is characterized by a tailor-made large central wooden table in the shape of a shield with a lacquered finish and marble. The walls have been embellished with wallpaper that, blending with the effects of light projected onto the hanging plants, defines a warm and suggestive setting.

Not to be overlooked is the service area of the restaurant that, through a large window, challenges the Bistrot environment with an anti-bathroom of strong impact and great height. The environment is characterized by a large central basin and two taps over 3 meters high, designed by this studio, all crowned by strong colors to give character and importance to a space too often relegated to a secondary role.


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