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interior designer pescara
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Michele Mezzina

Michele Mezzina Architetto studio was born in 1999 in Pescara.
Getting involved with a multiplicity of interventions his main goal is to achieve a perfect projectual
synthesis between his own exclusive design and the needs of his customers.
Always in pursuit of a new personal language towards an architecture as objective as possible, in order to
interpret and make congruent the various factors that influence the project with the awareness and love
for his work, which is the result of technical skills and continuous research.

Lifelong in direct and constant contact with the workers he is able to recognize and select the quality of
craftsmanship and to use them carefully in his works. The eclectic attitude leads the studio into challenges
with different aspects of processing by operating an effective reconciliation between the essence of the
material and the expression of its own design. With this modus operandi, the Studio works throughout
Central and Southern Italy on restaurants, businesses, wellness centers, gyms, houses, apartments, and

“To transform, to re-create, to revive, to shape, to remove, to amend, and, finally, to achieve the ultimate point of balance between form, substance, and function.”

Michele Mezzina

designer and architect

[ A big difference ]

What makes me stand out

What really makes the difference is the care I take of every detail.

Care for details
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The awareness of processing and the close contact with the craftsman lead to take full advantage of the aesthetics and functionality of materials.

Expertise in materials
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The architect's work is not reduced to the realization of a design. But what makes the real difference is the fact that I make that design a concrete dream. I personally follow and take care of the project until completion. A project "educated" in the aesthetic and functional aspects and adapted to the most particular needs.

Not only design
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[ What I do ]



Design, selection of suppliers and materials and site management.

Interior Design

My main goal is to design by considering both aesthetics and functionality.

Exterior Design

Commercial premises, Homes, Hotels, Beauty Centers, etc.

Custom-made Furnishings

If the perfect furniture does not exist, I take care of it!

Direction and Coordination of Works

The key to enjoy the result, is the hand of an expert designer.

Space Distributions

Targeting the best distribution of your space to take maximum advantage.

[ portfolio ]

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Piazza Mercato

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Tini House

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