private house Penne

Year: 2016 Place: Penne

A radical renovation of an autonomous building, with a total renovation of the exterior, modification of the elevations, construction of terraces, change of the roofing, recovery of the attic and transformation into an autonomous apartment.

An anonymous box transformed into something new, as if it had been built from scratch. Horizontal signs, strong wood inserts, glass balustrades, stoneware coatings, color games, all crowned by a dark aluminum roof that acts as a hat to the entire project.

The interior is characterized by large windows that look at the hills and give great brightness. The terraces paved in mosaic and characterized by glass parapets give a great sense of suspension.

For the interiors, each object has been customized according to the needs of the client: kitchen, TV cabinet, audio speakers, central fireplace, entrance door etc. The oak wood dominates the project, it is precisely this material that characterizes the living area up to the bed area, accentuating its character in contrast to the micro-cement floor and lacquered Boiserie. The kitchen, entirely made to measure and designed by this studio, is of great impact and carefully equipped. The materials and all appliances are of the highest quality. It comes down to a kitchen that in 2018 competed at the Award 2018 kitchendesign specialcontest (

The same kitchen is currently used by the company Lapitec to advertise one of its flagship products. (

Two bathrooms in antithesis of each other: the first with essential and minimal tones, characterized by micro-cement coatings and designer sanitary ware; the second inside the room, rich in important objects and materials: a precious environment that, through a glass wall, overlooks the room filtered by an elegant marble shower tub made to measure. To accompany this object, a washbasin unit made with the same marble as the tub, all carefully made by an important Italian company based on the project of this studio. A large walk-in closet completes this intimate and elegant Private Suite.


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