Gourmet Venezia

Year: 2009 Place: Pescara

Resturant Gourmet Venezia in Pescara

… volume, depth and material finish for the definition of a refined and welcoming space.

Project that participated in the Premio Architettura d’Abruzzo in 2012 and was reported among the deserving and published in the corresponding catalog of the competition by the publishing house Carsa Edizioni

The client, after having used this space for a long time as a warehouse adjacent to the well-established bar, begins the transformation … and so the warehouse, with great spatial potential, is transformed into an elegant and informal fish restaurant, characterized by aquariums for lobsters and molluscs and especially by an important selection of wines and champagnes. The project takes over the space and exploiting the height as the best quality of the premises, inevitably develops vertically. The wine displays soar towards the ceiling, merging the volume and defining it as unique. The character of the two levels is also filtered by an important connecting staircase. The furnishings, designed and skillfully made to measure, are characterized by the choice of materials: teak wood for walls, staircase steps and wine displays, corten for the external covering of the steps, glossy lacquer for the hall furniture, glass for the parapets, Trani stone for the exteriors, decorated resin for the mezzanine floor, and finally, pigmented industrial cement for the ground floor. The skilful mix of materials, enhanced by warm, soft lighting … almost intimate, creates a refined, yet surprisingly welcoming atmosphere.


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