rimessa mercato pratola

Year: 2020

Realized between 2019 and 2020 in Pratola Peligna, as an extension of a previous project of 2018.

The need for an additional space given the success after the first opening, convinced the commissioner to reuse an adjacent room, previously used as a shed.

The height of the environment becomes the protagonist, everything is developed vertically. An important staircase leads to a second level which overlooks, with a decorated parapet, on a double volume and this will be the space dedicated to wine tasting. This environment is characterized by a large table adjacent to a cellar on view.

The mood of the project remains industrial-inspired but is characterized by new and distinctive elements: strong signs and bold colors give the intervention its own character.

A staircase that wraps around a planter, a parapet designed, and laser cut on metal sheet, designed majolica coatings that cover the high walls and a characteristic warm lighting of vintage inspiration become the distinctive elements of this intervention.


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